A Vintage Day Out, Martha Stewart-Style

A Vintage Day Out

What do you do when the Martha Stewart staff invites you to be a part of the audience for an hour-long television segment on consignment and vintage fashion? Alison said yes, of course, and then collared three other women who happen to know ’80s couture vintage intimately, because they once wore a few of the couture originals, on fashion runways in Paris and New York.

Here’s what Alison and her ex-model pals, who have known each other for twenty-five years, grabbed from their closets (and/or Hooti) for the afternoon in Manhattan: Left to right, Maylen Pierce, in an Azzedine Alaia black wool jacket; Lori Sage, in a ’70s lime green one-time maxi dress she found at Hooti then hemmed into a great new look; Melanie Geiger, in a creamy suede fringed top that was a fresh find while Alison was on a recent hunt in Pennsylvania, and, finally, on Alison, another ’80s jacket, with all its original detail.

While Martha’s show largely focused on the high-end finds of vintage aficionados (see it all here), including the amazing collection of Iris Apfel, there was a nod to the budget fashionista—a DIY segment on turning a skirt into a dress. But Hooti customers also know that vintage can be found at every budget level, and not just in vintage boutiques. Happy hunting this fall, whether you are on Flatbush Avenue, a street in Soho, or going no further than your local Goodwill!

SDC10018p.s. Ali’s jacket went from the Martha Stewart show straight to a Hooti mannequin, but it didn’t stay there long.
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