Can’t get to Hooti this spring…here’s your fix, live

Alison has done her share of TV, print and radio interviews in fifteen years at Hooti, and this will go down as one of her video favorites, thanks to the lifestyle of Brooklyn Independent Television host Megan-Brette Hamilton. Hamiltons segment on Hooti, which captures the store’s spring collection in full bloom, was produced by Kecia Elan Cole. Take a peek, and enjoy. And no matter where you are, we hope your spring wardrobe is full of wonderful finds from an earlier era…and as for the 70s orange trench that Alison puts on Megan-Brette for a quick spin during her Hooti visit—Melissa had first dibs when we found that coat at a thrift store in Miami, but it didn’t fit. A rare find, a big disappointment!!

*Thank you Brooklyn Independent Television, a community program for BRIC Arts|Media|Brooklyn. And for more stories from Alison’s neighbors in Prospect Heights and the rest of Brooklyn, check out

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