Five Smart Reasons to Shop Vintage This Spring…

One: Affordable skins….Why spend hundreds or thousands for a bit of reptile, when vintage handbags and belts come in all shapes and colors?

Two: Handbags, of course. The structured bag is back, big time, and whether you want understated or flashy, vintage is the only way to go….Mustard-color patent, with chocolate “edging”, anyone? That’s one of the many bags in Hooti’s spring collection.

Three: Denim….Cowboy shirts, classic jackets, and jeans, of course. Need we say one word more???

Four: Lace! On everything! Oh, my.

Five: Color blocks and the Sixties…Look no further than the yummy Louis Vuitton ads with the checked maxi skirts and suits in yellow, black and tan. Now head right over to Hooti Couture or own favorite vintage store, and your bank account will thank you!

Houtte (Author)

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