Holiday Adventures, Holiday Wishes…

Hello to Hooti Couture and Alligators fans everywhere, and we hope this note finds you happy and healthy (but we won’t talk about “wealthy”), and looking forward to holidays celebrated with family and friends.

Of course, all the buzz this season is about sales, tight budgets and hard times, and Alison was thrilled at the opportunity, if ever so brief, to talk up the value of vintage—and the growing number of first-time customers at Hooti— with National Public Radios Marketplace reporter Ashley Milne-Tyte. Hear the interview here; it’s fun.

Also, we can’t help noticing that this is a great time to be shopping for vintage on eBay; lots of great items are being snapped up, some at shockingly low prices. So, if you can’t make it to Hooti or your favorite Hootiholiday08neighborhood vintage store, consider this great source for gift-giving (and your personal wardrobe, of course). Whether you are hunting for that perfect snake or gator bag, a cashmere cardigan or a bauble to stuff in a stocking, this may be the best year yet to consider vintage.

As you might imagine, Hooti is full of holiday goodies, priced for the current economic state—so we can’t guarantee that the wonderful 60s mink beret that Alison is wearing here will be in the store for long. We do promise, though, that if you have someone on your shopping list who hasn’t yet read our book (we can’t believe it has been three years since it was first published!), Alison has both hardback and paperback editions, and is happy to personalize an autograph.

On that note, we wish you peace in these challenging times.

Alison & Melissa

Houtte (Author)

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